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Social Insights

It's not big data, it's smart data.

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Understand Your Audience, Engagement & ROI Performance

Automatically import data from your social accounts to generate easy-to-understand visualizations, enabling your team to analyze trends, create reports and make data-driven decisions without ever having to touch a spreadsheet.

Designed with Analytics and Brand Managers in mind, Unified's Social Insights help hundreds of brands and agencies demonstrate success, identify opportunities, and deliver professional reports to executives and clients.


Paid, Owned & Earned Measurement


Standardized & Quantified Social ROI


Complete Transparency & Flexibility

Measure your campaign impact in dollars and cents

Translate your social marketing performance into dollar and cents ROI. Instead of comparing apples to oranges, and arguing over the value of Likes vs. Followers, our Social Insights tools allow you to assign a clear dollar value to every social action, regardless of whether is comes from paid, owned or earned media.

Get your whole team aligned around one unified metric that everyone can understand - dollars and cents.

Learn which content works best for your audience

Compare the performance of Facebook posts, and quickly identify which to promote with Ads and Sponsored Stories. Our deep analysis tools allow you to compare posts by type (photo, status, video, etc.) or by your own custom tags, empowering you to A/B test content on Facebook.

Take the guesswork out of content strategy and empower your team with the tools they need to understand what success looks like.

Monitor and compare the performance of agencies and vendors

Use as a single system of record to plan, create, launch, manage, and optimize advertising across multiple social channels.

Track your audience’s demographics and engagement

Quickly learn which genders, age groups and locations are the most engaged with your brand, and what content is generating that engagement. Track changes dating all the way from the start of your Facebook Pages to today, so that you can demostrate meaningful long-term growth that goes beyond fan acquisition.

Quickly generate and export professional reports

Create customized PDF reports for clients or managers in just a few clicks, without ever opening up a spreadsheet or having to import or export data.

Once you've setup a report, schedule it to be automatically sent directly to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. You've got enough to worry about - let our software take care of busywork on your behalf.

Measure Campaign Impact and Earned In Dollars and Cents

We translate all your earned media into a metric everyone can understand, dollars and cents. Our proprietary earned measurement framework, allows marketers to see the impact of their investment, and easily see their social ROI.

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