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Visualize brands’ Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn data using Unified’s Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities. Create customized reports and dashboards for executives or clients with one click, featuring conversion tracking and generational attribution. Analyze trends and make smart, data-driven social marketing decisions without ever having to touch a spreadsheet.

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Translate your social marketing performance into ROI measured in dollar and cents. Our Insights tools allow you to assign a clear dollar value to every social action across social, digital, mobile, or offline, regardless of whether it was driven from paid, owned or earned media.

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Social ROI
Insights Comparison Reporting

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Unified’s AdMonitor tool allows your team to compare data from advertising agencies and social advertising partners to determine who is providing you with the best results with 100% transparency into media costs, creative, and tactics.

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  • How to Find Out What Really Works on Social Media

    Discovering Facebook insights and Twitter insights and figuring out what truly works for a brand is harder than it sounds. If you want to gain greater social media insights into what’s working for one of your clients and what isn’t in order to help them reap the benefits of establishing themselves on social media, it’s important that your agency considers what to post, when to post, and analyzes the data that you receive on a regular basis.

  • What’s Already Working?

    One of the most important Facebook insights you can gain is to think about what’s already working. For example, if you are posting two times a day on Facebook, gearing these posts towards those in the 18 to 24 age range, and receiving positive feedback, this is one of the many social media insights that will be helpful to you later on as you streamline the campaign. Similarly, for Twitter insights, an example would be keeping track of which content you post will perform best and at what time. If you want to completely revitalize one of your client’s social media campaigns, keep in mind that it’s best not to throw everything you know out the window, but instead use this information to further refine your plan.

  • What to Post

    One of the most beneficial Facebook insights you can gain is knowing what content to post. This is also one of the most significant Twitter insights too. To improve your social media insights and ultimately improve a brand’s presence online:

    • Create engaging copy that includes both pictures and videos

    • Encourage your audience to engage with you and give you their feedback

    • On occasion, share special discounts and promotions

    • Give those who comment or interact special access to information

    • Create posts that are relevant to current events and the time of year

    If you aren’t posting things that your brand’s target audience is interested in, it is likely that your social media campaign will falter.

  • Test Things Out

    The only way to gain real Facebook insights and Twitter insights is to perform a few experiments. Not only will this give you better social media insights into what works for one of your clients, but it will also allow you to figure out what isn’t beneficial. For example, your agency decides to post two times a day for a certain client over a two-week period. Then, over the next two weeks, you decide to post a minimum of four times. At the end of this trial period, you discover that engagement didn’t necessarily increase based on the number of posts. Due to this, the types of posts you are creating, rather than your frequency, is a key factor in enhancing engagement.

  • Analyze What You Find

    In order to effectively analyze your data and gain greater Facebook insights and Twitter insights, go back through your postings for the past six months for a particular client and find out which types of posts went the most viral. Upon discovering these social media insights, you can likely depend on this type of posting to get you good results from this point forward as well.

  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All

    When you’re working on discovering greater Facebook insights and Twitter insights into a certain brand, it’s important to remember that what works well for one client won’t necessarily be as beneficial for the next. Due to this, when you are gathering social media insights, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to go through this same process for every individual client.

    If this seems like an overwhelming and time-consuming task, there’s a beneficial way to overcome it with effectiveness and ease. The comprehensive social media platform, Unified, allows your agency to determine what types of posts work best for each of your clients in real- time. This cross-channel platform will help you determine the best Facebook insights, Twitter insights, and LinkedIn insights to use in your social media campaigns. With the ability to create customized reports for clients in one click, measure the effectiveness of a client’s social media campaign in dollars and cents, and compare the effectiveness of a brand’s competitors, the way you do social media will be forever changed for the better.

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