Social Media Data, Analytics, & Reporting

Social Insights

Make Smart Social Marketing Decisions

Generate Powerful
Reports and Dashboards

Visualize brands’ Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn data using Unified’s Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities. Create customized reports and dashboards for executives or clients with one click, featuring conversion tracking and generational attribution. Analyze trends and make smart, data-driven social marketing decisions without ever having to touch a spreadsheet.

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Measure Social ROI in
dollars and cents

Translate your social marketing performance into ROI measured in dollar and cents. Our Insights tools allow you to assign a clear dollar value to every social action across social, digital, mobile, or offline, regardless of whether it was driven from paid, owned or earned media.

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Compare Vendor
and Agency Performance

Unified’s AdMonitor tool allows your team to compare data from advertising agencies and social advertising partners to determine who is providing you with the best results with 100% transparency into media costs, creative, and tactics.

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