The Social Operating Platform

Social Advertising

Drive advertising success on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Cross-Channel Planning

Create detailed campaign plans and share them between brand and agency teams.

Estimate and compare costs so you know how to budget and what to expect.

Optimize communication and workflow with best-in-class collaboration tools.

Social Media Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Buying

Create ads, set bids, and manage campaigns simultaneously with real-time API access to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn advertising. We've simplified the process of multiplying ad placement, creative and targeting, enabling you to run effective multivariate tests without the arduous work of creating ads over and over.

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Smart Optimization

Minimize your costs while maximizing ROI using Unified’s optimization algorithms. Instead of manually changing bids and turning ads on and off every few hours, our systems do it for you, reducing costs to well below industry averages.

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Social Media Bid Optimization

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