The Social Operating Platform

One unified system of record for brands, agencies and vendors.

Own and control your marketing data

The Social Operating Platform connects all the agencies, vendors and brands you work with in a single cloud marketing system, giving you a complete view of all your entire marketing organization. Empower your company to move fast and make changes - you can change agencies, vendors or internal teams without ever losing historical data.

Execute complex social campaigns with ease

Reach consumers at the right time, with the right message, across multiple social networks from a single platform. The Social Operating Platform enables community managers, media planners and creative agencies to work towards the same goal - activating your audience.

Optimize paid, owned and earned media

Make every dollar you spend on media go further - see beyond clicks and impressions and start optimizing for maximum impact by understanding how your paid media creates additional earned media value when people engage with your content. The Social Operating Platform is the only solution that brings together paid, owned and earned media.

Translate big data into pure dollars and cents ROI

Simplify your reporting by assigning social actions (likes, comments, shares, tweets, etc.) their own dollar value, enabling you to compare and optimize for maximum return on investment. Enable everyone on your team to measure performance based on ROI, instead of focusing on soft or vague metrics like engagement or reach.

Make data-driven decisions

The Social Operating Platform normalizes and quantifies your marketing data to deliver answers to questions like:

  • Which platform generated the biggest ROI for this campaign?
  • Which vendor or PMD performed best during a given time-period?
  • How could we spend money on social advertising more effectively?

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