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The team at Unified is leading the charge to bring big data and analytics to the CMO’s office.

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"These new partners are a huge help — not just because they’re focused on social, but also because they bring their large lists of massive enterprise customers."

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"Digital channels that reach people in real time are key to marketers, since they now understand that the world moves at the speed of the feed and that consumers look at information in real time—or not at all."

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"What Unified is aiming to pull together here is absolutely crucial. Tracking and measuring one-level-deep social actions on social networks themselves—such as counting likes or retweets—is a fine starting point, but following the trail of social breadcrumbs across social, mobile, digital and even offline channels gives a much fuller and much-needed picture of the true impact of social referrals."

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"Unified's Social Operating Platform brings enterprise architecture, scalability to social media"

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"There’s an appetite for social media products tailored for the enterprise."

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"AdAge's Best Places To Work 2014"

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"Unified specializes in social presence and paid media. It offers what it calls a "Social Operating System" for brands with data management, data security, portability, and enterprise-wide privileging for social marketing and CRM."

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"Unified is one of the most advanced vendors at broadening the scope of social advertising onto the next generation of social networks

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"Unified already offered action tracking and return-on-investment measurements on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (on both mobile and social), but with the acquisition it can add similar data for all digital advertising, including search and display, as well as offline."

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