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The Social Operating Platform

Unified Raises $30 Million Series B Funding

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Real-time social marketing solutions for global brands and agencies. Over 600 customers use Unified's Social Operating Platform to drive real business results.

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The Social Data Advantage

Aggregate and activate all social data into one platform to drive greater ROI from your social marketing efforts and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Facebook PMD Innovation Competition

Southeast Toyota and 22squared Featured As Customers Using New Award-Winning Facebook Marketing Automation Solution. Unique Solution for Brand Building Now Integrated Into Social Operating Platform » Read More

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  • Why a Social Operating Platform Can Make Your Life Easier

    Working in social media advertising gives you the ability to enhance your clients’ brands online in the social media realm. However, like many social media marketing companies, you likely use complicated methods and platforms that are inefficient and sometimes, even ineffective. If you want to truly rise above other social media companies in the industry, you need the right tools to get the job done. Unified, a comprehensive social media management platform, gives you the ability to take every one of your clients’ social media campaigns to the next level.

  • Insights

    As a social media advertiser, a primary part of your role is to gain insights into your clients’ customers and those interacting with them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. While other companies use complicated methods and tools to generate reports, Unified’s platform allows you to create customized reports with one simple click, translate the effectiveness of your clients’ social media performance into dollars and cents, and compare data from advertising agencies to determine who is providing the best results. This platform boasts one aspect that many social media companies don’t fully understand yet – social media marketing doesn’t have to be overly difficult.

  • Content

    Your social media agency is likely aware that creating quality content for your clients’ on a regularly scheduled basis is an inherent part of any successful social media marketing campaign. In addition to quality, it’s also essential that this content is shared and responded to positively by the target audience of the brand you are working with. By using this platform, you’ll stand out above other social media marketing companies because you will be able to make smarter decisions regarding the content you create and when to publish it in order to drive real-time social marketing success. Additionally, you will have the ability to know what the completion is doing, what type of content receives the most engagement, and what areas you need to improve upon.

  • Advertising

    Using this social platform, you will be able to easily create ads, set bids, and manage multiple social media advertising campaigns simultaneously. You will be able to create and run multivariate tests quickly without needing to endure the arduous process of making ads over and over. If you want to truly reign as a leading social media company, this platform manually changes bids and turns ads on and off for you, ultimately saving you time and minimizing overall advertising costs for both your agency and your clients.

  • Data Management

    Part of your role as a social media agency is to collect data, analyze it, and use this information to produce realizable results and goals for your clients. By using this platform, you will be one of a handful of companies that can collect sharing information from all over the web, prove conversions, and understand generational funnels to a greater degree. Additionally, this platform will make you one of the few social media companies that can transform this data into custom targeting groups. This ultimately gives you the ability to match your clients’ messages to their specific audiences for better and more cost-effective results. Do you want to bring all of your social media tools into one streamlined and effective management platform? Do you want to create better social media results for your clients? As a social media agency, you can realize these goals by investing in a platform that will not only make your life easier, but ensure the social media campaigns you create and foster for your clients are enduring and effective. Plus, you will likely stand out above other social media marketing companies in your same market

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