Unified Social | Study: Facebook Advertising Benchmarks By Industry Vertical

Study: Facebook Advertising Benchmarks By Vertical

Unified's free study shows how your industry compares to fourteen other Facebook Advertising verticals.

Here are some of the results:

  • Cellular & Telco advertisers acquire fans 91% cheaper than average.
  • Food ads are 58% more likely to be clicked than the average Facebook ad. This is twice as high as any other vertical.

  • Four verticals excelled at converting clicks into fans: Cellular & Telco, Gaming, Desktop Software, and Alcohol.

Every quarter, Unified serves billions of Facebook ads. This study aggregates cost and performance data using a sample set of 50,000 unique ad units from 100 brands through Q3 2013.

Download our free report to understand how your Facebook Advertising is performing compared to our benchmarks.